Howto log with JTDX / WSJT-X and Log4OM WITHOUT JTALERT

WARNING: This is old, don't do it like this. Logging is on a whole new level with Log4OM v2 now!

This article explains my logging setting for FT8 / JTDX(/WSJT-X) and Log4OM

How it works

From my understanding the chain works as follows, feel free to correct me in the comments down below: 

  1. We make a contact in FT8 using either WSJT-X or JTDX (I use JTDX here)
  2. As soon as we receive the "RRR" (not 73) or the combined "RR73", JTDX logs the contact to it's ADIF and makes a UDP call to the defined UDP server
  3. The UDP server receives the poll and rereads the defined ADIF
  4. The contact is added to the database and defined actions are taken (in my case uploading to LOTW,EQSL, etc)

How is that configured?

We have to configure both sides: Log4OM and JTDX / WSJT-X

In Log4OM 

  1. go to Settings -> Options
  2. Open the tab 'Services'
  3. Tag 'Autostart' - this will start the Log4OM Communicator in background every time Log4OM is started
  4. restart Log4OM
  5. after startup, Log4OM Communicator should have been startet. Watch your taskbar. Open it
  6. Click 'STOP' (necessary to change settings)
  7. Click 'Settings' -> 'Inbound' -> 'Inbound settings'
  8. Check 'UDP Connection (ADD message)
  9. make a note of the UDP Port (2236 in my case)
  10. Check 'Enable File Monitor'
  11. Hit 'Select file'
  12. Navigate to the ADIF file. In my case it is c:\users\username\AppData\Local\JTDX\wsjtx_log.adi (This can be read out in JTDX under 'Settings' - 'Audio' - the path of the AzEI Directory should be the same as for the log file
  13. Start and close the Log4OM Communicator - it should go right to the background

In JTDX (nearly the same for WSJT-X)

  1. Goto 'Settings' -> 'Reporting'
  2. Enter UDP Server '' and port you have got in Log4OM (2236)


Make a QSO  and see what happens. If it doesn't work, check the path of the adif-file again.
The Log4OM Communicator has a great activity log in case something goes wrong.


  1. Thanks so much for this. Just recently started learning N1MM+ (prep for ARRL FD) & Log4OM... trying to better manage logging for any/all modes outside of contests.

    This page was extremely helpful.

  2. Brilliant write up and worked a treat. 73's

  3. We're trying to make it easier in Log4OM V2 :)
    Daniele IW3HMH

    1. I don't know if this messages gets back to you but Log4OM NOW has the best integration. Fantastic with the highly flexible network functions!!!! Love it. And I should rewrite this article since the whole connectivity has changed

  4. Thanks for informations,, PU2KAZ

  5. Thank you for this informations ! It works very well ! Alex - YO9GR


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